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It's been an exciting 2021 so far...

Check out what the team at Cash Now Homes has been up to so far in 2021. Don't miss a Real Estate opportunity be sure to connect on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Subscribe on YouTube.

Cash Now Homes can you give you a no obligation offer for your home!

There is a Fast & Easy Way To Sell Your Home.

Service includes:​

  • Instant Offer and Get Paid.

  • No Showings, We Buy Your Home Directly.

  • No Repairs, We Buy Home As Is, No Need to Get Home "Ready" to Sell.

  • Move on Your Schedule. We work with you on a closing date convenient for you.

  • We handle all the paperwork FREE. We set up the closing and all the paperwork at a 3rd Party Title Company in your local area.

We buy all over the United States and are interested in Single Family and Multi-Family homes. Call or Text Us at 602-560-7002 with questions.

Request an e-mail offer >>>

WE ARE Growing!!! Get in touch to join the TEAM!!!

Say Hi To Luis

Say Hello to Ethan

We Flip Homes and Mobile Homes!

We started this Flip in Phoenix!

We have deals all over Arizona. Be sure to check out inventory daily.

We have a Real Estate Podcast on YouTube. Follow us on our Real Estate

Journey. Subscribe >>>

This Flip Should Be Ready to Hit the Market Soon.

This Mobile Home Flip is Currently on the Market For Sale!

We Wholesaled This Four-plex with Major Cash Flow in Phoenix.

We are always looking for Capital Partners. Let's Connect.

Paying Back Investors.

Need Help Selling Your Wholesale Deal?

We are would love to work with you on A Real Estate Deal!

Have a buyer for one of our deals? Let us know.

Do you have a hard to sell Deal, let's connect we can help Sell It.

Having difficulties finding Home Sellers, lets chat we have systems in place to help you! Call Center, Social Media, Investor Network.

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