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The Closing Process: What to Expect When Selling Your Home to a Real Estate Investment Company

Selling your home to a real estate investment company can be a quick and convenient option, but it's important to understand the closing process. Here's what you can expect when selling your home to a real estate investment company like Cash Now Homes.

Offer and Acceptance

Once you've contacted Cash Now Homes and provided some basic information about your property, we'll make you a cash offer. If you accept the offer, we'll move forward with the closing process.

Title Search and Inspection

Before closing, a title search and inspection will be conducted to ensure there are no liens or issues with the property. This step is necessary to protect both the buyer and the seller.

Signing the Contract

Once the title search and inspection are complete, you'll sign the purchase contract. This contract outlines the terms of the sale and the closing date.

Closing Date

The closing date is typically scheduled within a few days or weeks of signing the purchase contract. At closing, you'll sign the necessary paperwork to transfer ownership of the property to Cash Now Homes. You'll also receive the agreed-upon cash payment.


After closing, Cash Now Homes will take care of any necessary repairs or updates to the property. Once the work is complete, we'll put the property back on the market or use it as a rental property.

Selling your home to a real estate investment company like Cash Now Homes can be a simple and hassle-free process. With a clear understanding of the closing process, you can confidently sell your home and move on to your next adventure. Contact Cash Now Homes today to get started!

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